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*For ship and marine use
Hawser, tug-line, SPM-hawser, seaboard construction applications

*For fishery use
Trawl Line, trap net, surrounding net, fishery farm, long-line, Nylon mono-filament

*For civil engineering and construction use
Lifeline for the main and branches, ground foundation work, sling ropes

*For electric power, communications
Lifeline, extension lead-lines, switch cord, safety line laying out

*For machinery use
Paper carrier rope, engine starter rope, flexible container rope, tire-chain fastening rope, winch rope, etc.

*Sports use
Climbing rope, sailing yacht ropes,rope for tug-of-war, applications in playing ground

*Public use
Ropes for a ranger trainee, hawser applications


*Fishery use
Trawl net, trap net, fish culture net

*Civil engineering use
Safety net, slope-protection net, TAS-net, snowstorm-protection net

*Sports applications
Ball-protection net, golf net, ski net

*Public use
Safety net for a rangers, floating lumber protection net

"The products through own development"

TOSCO (eight-strand plaited ropes), Braided-grip(For the replacement of power wire),
Ace line (ultra hi-tensile fiber rope)

"Design and construction work"

Design and construction of fishery nets, construction of fish culture facility, etc.