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It is a traditional and simple rope-construction twisted with 3strands.3-strand rope has a long history and is still widely spread in many industrise with its easy splicing on the termination of rope.
If your rope is too soft, you shall handle the rope carefully to avoid kinking.


8-strand rope has been welcomed by ship crews with its characteristics, no-kink and no-rotation.
It consists of two pairs of strands twisted to the right and the rest twisted to the left.
Sometimes 8-strand rope is called as "square braid",from its sectional view.
Our brand name is "EIGHT".


The same as 8-strand rope,12-strand has no-rotation and no-kink performance.
12 strand rope has less elongation and higher strength than 3-strand and 8-strand rope.
12-strand rope is composed of three pairs of strands twisted to the right and three pairs to the left.
We manufacture up to the size 180mm in diameter.
Our brand name is "TWELL"

Double braid

Double braid rope consists of core braid and cover braid.
When the size and the material are the same, its strength is 30% higher and elongation is 30% less than 8-strand rope.
Large size rope is frequently used for large vessels and Offshore Mooring.
Our brand name is "Toughlay".